Prepaid Funeral Plans

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A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to fix the cost of a future funeral at today’s prices. With plans in place, not only is it guaranteed that your funeral will be conducted by a professional, qualified, funeral director, but you also spare your loved ones from having to make many difficult and unpleasant decisions.

To avoid a large amount of hassle and grievance, pre-paid funeral plans can assist you in all of these steps. Prepaid funeral plans have all of the funeral details arranged for when the time comes.

At Nene Legal we are trained to the highest level to help arrange your funeral plan with tact, sensitivity, and empathy, taking great care to ensure that, when the time comes, your loved ones are protected and that you receive your perfect final farewell.

It is no surprise that funerals can be expensive as well as a financial and administrative burden on your family at a time of sadness,

Planning your funeral plan with Nene Legal are simple to set up with a choice of all-inclusive plans or a bespoke option if you so choose.

The funeral director services are bought at today’s’ prices and guaranteed.

All our Prepaid Funeral Plans include an allowance towards fees payable to Doctors, Clergy, Crematoriums etc.

You can plan the funeral service exactly as you want, whether it is burial or cremation, choose the hymns, readings or even an environmental requirement such as an Eco green woodland burial.

Nene Legal is proud to work in partnership with two of the country’s leading funeral plan providers, Golden Leaves Ltd, and Safe Hands Funeral plans. Having a choice of more than one provider allows us to provide our valued clients with a plan that best meets there requirements and costs.

It is important to know that with your plan the money is safely invested in a trust fund and overseen by an independent board of trustees.

The company and trust fund are monitored by the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority).

Plans are payable by lump sum or by installments to provide financial flexibility.

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