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Don’t overlook your pets when writing your Will! With a significant 62% of households in the UK owning pets, it’s evident that animals play a crucial role in our estate planning. Most pet owners want to ensure that their beloved companions are taken care of even after they pass away.

So, what exactly can a Will do for your furry family members?

Pets are legally considered personal property, similar to jewellery or household items. However, we view them as cherished members of our family rather than mere possessions. Therefore, it’s essential to include provisions in your Will to guarantee that your pets will be looked after by trusted individuals upon your passing.

By explicitly gifting your pets in your Will, you can ensure that they will be cared for and loved by people who will prioritise their well-being throughout their lives.
When specifying gifts of animals in your Will, precise wording is crucial to convey the recipient’s responsibility to provide ongoing care and act in the animal’s best interests indefinitely. While you may refer to your pets by name in the Will, it might be wise to use more general descriptions to accommodate any changes in ownership or additional animals you may have at the time of passing – ensuring all animals are accounted for and provided for accordingly.

You may even choose to gift the carer money to ensure that the animals insurance and any medical bills or medication they may be on for life also continues.
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