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Fantastic service. I thought writing a will would be a difficult and lengthy process, how wrong I was.
Simon was excellent at explaining everything in simple terms, the process didn't take long at all and everything was seamless from beginning to end - highly recommend!
Thank you Simon and Nene Legal!
Vicky Grant
Simon was so helpful and provided a fab service.
Knowing our future has been secured by a simple phone call from Simon is a huge relief and he made it so easy for us to understand and complete. Definitely recommend
Katie Price
Absolutely fantastic service everything explained in plain English. Simon is a very nice gentleman, not pushed in anyway and good at his job.
Thank you
Brendan Guilar

will Writing Service in Northamptonshire

A will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever produce.  Writing a will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your estate is divided in the way that you choose.

Making a will is about protecting your

  • Assets
  • Children or other loved ones
  • Property
  • Everything that is important to you

What should I include when making a will?

Before you make a will, it is worthwhile considering who you would like to include, or possibly exclude, in your will.  

There may be particular members of your family, friends, pets and charities that you would like to leave some, or all of your estate to.

If you have children, you should consider who is going to take care of them when you pass.  Choosing a guardian can be a difficult task.  It is also worth considering having a substitute guardian.  What happens if you and your chosen guardian were to pass away at the same time, for example?  Who would take care of your children in that situation?
If you are including a trust in your will then you will also need to consider who should act as a trustee. This should be someone you trust to look after your assets on an ongoing basis.

You will also need to consider who is going to be the executor of your will.  The executor of your will is someone who will take your will and ensure that your wishes are actioned correctly.  

Often, people will ask family, friends, parents or children to act as the executor of their will.  However, if they are not comfortable with this or if the will is complex, you could nominate an impartial professional executor.  

We are more than happy to act on your behalf as the executor of your will, if you would like us to.

How do I start to write a will?

Using a professional will writing service is always a good place to start!  It can seem daunting when you first start the will writing process. 
We can help you and draft a simple will, mirror wills, all the way up to the most complex arrangements. We are on hand to guide you and give advice along every step of the way.
Our will writing team is based in Rushden, Northamptonshire.  We offer our will writing service in the Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas.
Please contact us for more details and to make a full legal will today.

We are more than just a will writing service, we’re Estate Planners!

Will reviews and rewrites

If you already have a will in place, we are more than happy to review your current planning and make sure it is still right for you. Personal circumstances can change quickly, as can the law, so what was right for you when you last reviewed your will may not be the best planning now. We can work with you to ensure your planning is up to date.

Professional Storage of your will

Why go to all the effort of writing a will only to risk it getting lost between now and when you pass away. In a worst-case scenario, the will might be lost leaving your executors unable to find it and forced to rely on an earlier will or assume you had no will at all. Talk to us about professional will storage and make sure that your last will and testament is safely protected for when the time comes.

Estate Planning Advice

There is more to drafting a will than just…well, writing the will! At Nene Legal we can advise you on what planning is best to include in your will to make sure that your wishes are met. This advice ranges from including the best type of trust in your will to protect your assets for your family, or to make the most of the allowances available to you and minimise the amount of inheritance tax you pay.

We can also advise on planning that can be carried out in lifetime, such as severing the tenancy on your property to give you more flexibility, or putting Lasting Power of Attorney in place to ensure your best interests are looked after should you lose capacity.

What happens if I don’t have a Will in place?

  • The Government has a Will for you already, but it might not meet your wishes for your estate! The ‘Rules of Intestacy’ will apply, and you will have no control over who receives your assets.
  • If you have minor children you lose control over who will act as their Guardians. The Courts will decide. Your children might not end up with the people you would have chosen, and the process is likely to cause unnecessary stress.
  • Some of your assets may end up passing to people that you don’t want to inherit from you. With a valid Will in place you can prevent this by excluding certain people.
  • If you are unmarried then your partner has no inheritance rights. Dying without a Will means that your partner, no matter how long your relationship, will receive nothing from your estate unless they fight for provision in Court.
  • You lose any opportunity for tax planning, so your beneficiaries may end up paying more inheritance tax.

If you were to die without having a valid will in place, you are almost gambling that your final wishes are going to the correct place.  

In this situation, your estate will be distributed under the rules of intestacy.  The rules of intestacy are a predefined set of rules that govern how your estate will be shared out.

For example, you could be in a relationship but you are not married or in a civil partnership.  If your partner were to pass away, you can’t inherit under the rules of intestacy.

In this case, any children of the person who passed away would inherit the estate.

If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the Crown.

will writing service

The will writing process

When you have decided who the executor of your will is going to be and how you would like your estate to be distributed, it is time to start the will writing process.

  • We will send you a questionnaire in advance of your appointment with us.  It will contain some key questions to consider.  For example, any pensions you may have, the balance of your mortgage (if applicable) and any particular wishes that you would like to include in your will.
  • During our appointment, which will generally last for approximately one hour, we will discuss this questionnaire with you and answer any questions you may have.  We will then complete the form with you, ensuring that we are capturing your wishes exactly as you would like them to be.
  • After this appointment, we will take away all the documentation and, normally within 14 days, we will send you a draft will.  You can then review this draft and make sure there are no anomalies.  You can also include anything that you may have thought of following our initial appointment.
  • When you have confirmed your will, we will send you all the documentation via email.  Your will can then be printed out and signed by you.

We can store your completed will securely, if you would like us to.  Contact us for more details.

Speak to our specialist team

Our will writing team is based in Rushden, Northamptonshire.
We offer our will writing service in the Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas.

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