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Can I pass a specific item across in my Will?

In a word YES!
By assigning specific assets in your will, you can ensure the security and protection of your legacy for future generations. A well-thought-out estate plan not only guarantees that your wishes are carried out but also minimizes disputes among family members, helping to preserve harmony during a difficult time.
One crucial step in securing your legacy is identifying the assets that hold sentimental or financial value to you and determining their beneficiaries. These may include properties, investments, heirlooms, or even digital assets such as intellectual property rights or online accounts. By naming specific individuals as recipients of these assets, you can provide clarity about who should receive what and avoid any potential misunderstandings among loved ones.
Moreover, designating particular possessions to certain individuals allows you to consider factors beyond monetary value alone. Sentimental items like family photographs or invaluable pieces of jewelry may possess great emotional significance for both giver and recipient.
Without being added specifically in your Will, it remains the responsibility of the executor to gift/sell as they see fit, which could leave your item going somewhere you may not have chosen.
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